Windy Mountain Bernese Mountain Dogs

Sandra & Mike Keeley
Granville, NY

Windy Mountain Kennels

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Bernese Mountain Dog Characteristics

Goliath and Tianna bernese mountain dogs owned by windy mounatin kennels

Goliath and tianna

Bernese Mountain dogs were bred for droving work and drafting.

They are tri-colored large in size, strong, intelligent dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are self confident and good-natured dogs, steadfast, loyal and affectionate within their own family. They are at their happiest being near their loved ones.

Bernese Mountain Dogs do not make good kennel dogs as they need human companionship.

They show good judgement and will protect and guard their family. They are good watchdogs and will warn when strangers invade their territory, but would need to be provoked  to  become aggressive.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are good with children and have a very gentle nature. They have a good sense of humor and will display clownish behavior. But can be stubborn at times.

If you choose a Bernese Mountain Dog for your family pet, you will find that the puppies are easy to train and eager to please. As a dog breeder I breed for good temperament for pet quality puppies. My puppies are exposed to small children and are kept in our home  until the puppies are ready to leave and go to their new homes. I am sure you will be pleased if you purchase a Bernese Mountain Dog.